57/365 March 12, 2009 "Tragedy at Sea"

16 people are lost at sea tonight. A Cougar helicopter carrying 16 rig workers and 2 crew ditched in the ocean shortly after 9 am this morning. 12 hours later only one survivor has been found and one body recovered. It is the worst disaster off of our shores since the Ocean Ranger sank in the early 1980's. The entire Province is at a standstill waiting for news. We ALL know someone working on those rigs. We are all heartbroken.

I did not take this picture of our shores on the Atlantic, Matthew did. But I love it so I am usin
g it today to remember those poor people and their families. I wish them godspeed.

56/365 March 11, 2009 "Love is...My Dad"

Jacob brought this home from school. It made me want to cry...James took one look at it and said "That right there? That makes up for EVERYTHING...allllllll is good" :)

55/365 March 10, 2009 "The growing tree"

Look how nice my weeping willow is looking!

54/365 March 9, 2009 "Fairy Tale Museum"

This is a picture from Friday but that's ok. Jacob and his grade 2 class hosted a "Fairy Tale Museum". Each child had to bring in an "artifact" from a fairy tale. Jacob's assignment was to read the story of Aladdin's Magic Lamp and then bring in the magic lamp. :)

53/365 March 8, 2009 "New Page!"

Yes I know...I am two weeks behind. It's been a ...troublesome few weeks, however things are looking up so back I am. Woo!!

And in celebration - I scrapped again yesterday! Woo!!

Like my little penguin? I made him...cool eh? I'm right proud of myself. LOL!!!